Letter of Introduction

Letter of Introduction

A few years ago, while relaxing in my condominium I was introduced to an unwelcome guest. Turned out to be that the guest was a German Cockroach. After reporting the findings to my Property Manager, well, it was then that I received an education on the work methods and practices of a Pest Control company that was recognized nation wide.

I found my situation to be a most difficult one. I don’t really believe anyone could tell a happy story related to a pest problem; it is a very stressful and difficult problem to deal with. After doing some extensive research it was soon discovered that there was a vast amount of misleading and confusing information pertaining to pest problems. It seemed rather ridiculous that with our advances in science and availability to information that outdated methods were still being used in pest control. So, I decided to do something about it.

My personal work history consisted of 25 years in the field of horticultural sciences and an extensive portion of my time was spent on greenhouse food crop production, specifically in insect and pest control. The experience gained over the years working in greenhouse pest management has educated me to appreciate the value of problem resolution and safety. After a short return to school my degree was obtained in Structural Residential Pest Control.

Hitman Exterminators was created because of my own personal experience with the pest control industry. I believe firmly in treating others as I wish to be treated. This was not the case that I had experienced when speaking with companies that told me of their science backed methodologies and extensive experience. Over the years I have witnessed many changes to the service industry, some of the most significant changes have been a lack of pride in workmanship, a lack of customer respect and appreciation, and an overall lack of accountability.

Hitman Exterminators is a locally owned, family operated business that provides the highest standard of service to our clients. Our standard of service is maintained by keeping up with the most current studies and with the introductions of innovative changes to the Pest Control Industry. We incorporate respect, dignity and education to our clients because we understand first hand the stress associated when a home or business is met with unwanted pests.

Jason R. Hiltz